Gingerbread houses and the dogs who love them

December 29, 2011

For the last few years, I’ve been making gingerbread houses around Christmas time. I’m not quite hardcore enough to bake the gingerbread, and depending on how I’m feeling from year to year, I’ll either get a kit to assemble the house and then decorate it, or I’ll just get a pre-assembled house and have fun with the decorations.

The picture above is of my (preassembled) gingerbread house from Christmas 2010. We enjoyed it very much, for about two days…and then we mistakenly decided to “enjoy it” in a more central location, on the living room coffee table. One dinner date later, the “Bean” had made it out of the kitchen and “enjoyed it” in her own way, by taking bites out of it and then becoming sick on our rug. This led to some important decisions: 1) Never again to put a gingerbread house in a low-lying area of our home, and 2) Never again to use red-and-white striped Hershey’s kisses in decorating, as red food colorants are nearly impossible to get out of carpets. A lesson well learned :)

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